Senai Solutions

Senai provides custom in-country services to help you establish, maintain and expand effective programs across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Collaborating with Kingdom-minded donors, nonprofits, foundations, and businesses, Senai enables you to achieve quantifiable results that create a lasting impact.

Senai provides unparalleled cultural insight, real world experience and a network of local contacts.  This ensures that your efforts are consistently evaluated in person and objectively measured on location.

Combining practical knowledge of Africa with years of direct operational experience, Senai has evaluated and adopted "best practices" to create positive change. Closing the loop between donor and recipient, Senai drives activity that produces measurable results.


Senai Solutions Offered

Senai Snapshot

Snapshot provides a picture of what is happening with your project or ministry by giving you a third-party objective assessment of your investment in Africa. Snapshot can be set-up on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.


Senai Advisor

We serve alongside your non-profit, providing leadership and guidance as you expand your impact throughout globe. We help navigate cultural complexities and use our network of NGO's and business partners to strategically reach your goals.


Partner Highlight

Samaritans Feet International is one of our partners from Charlotte, NC. Samaritan's Feet has asked Senai to come alongside their South Africa office and provide “boots-on-the-ground” leadership while developing a sustainable model for global expansion. Their mission is to provide hope to children by serving them in Christ’s name, washing their feet, and providing them with a new pair of shoes. They have served over six million children around the world!