SENAI International, Inc implements projects using the foundation of social enterprise.  The Discovery School project in Burundi is unique due to the funding arrangement and the long-term sustainability of the project.   Senai has raised over $50,000 for The Discovery School.  By empowering indigenous churches, SENAI will structure and fund a program to help expand Christian tri-lingual elementary schools in Burundi.  This financial structure will allow The Discovery School to reinvest the principal on future projects in Burundi, while creating a profitable and self-sustaining school, which offers superior education.  The Johnson family, a third generation Burundi missionary family, runs and manages The Discovery School, training and investing in the local Burundian people.  


The Discovery School plants seeds for Burundi’s future by providing a high-quality, sustainable, critical-thinking based Christian education.  The Discovery School invests in local Burundians to teach the next generation of leaders, employing local graduates from universities.