One of Senai International's new partners is Samaritans Feet International (SFI). Senai will play a strategic role in SFI's expansion throughout the globe as we help lead their International Strategy team from Cape Town, South Africa, the home one of their pilot projects. Senai will be working directly with Manny Ohonme, SFI's CEO, to implement their goals of creating self-sustaining hubs in strategic locations globally.  From these hubs, SFI will serve communities through "shoes of hope", and engage the private, public and NGO sectors in its mission. By giving each person a new pair of shoes in a foot-washing ceremony, this ministry is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate Christ's servant leadership and inspire hope.  Senai is privileged to partner with SFI and watch the way this simple act changes the lives of men, women and children as well as the volunteers that serve them.  Manny Ohonme's testimony stems from receiving a pair of shoes as a little boy in Nigeria, transforming the course of his life and igniting his passion for serving Christ around the globe!

Self-Help Groups Micro-Finance

Through our work in Ethiopia, we have been able to support numerous Self-Help Micro-credit Groups (SHG's).   Senai has purchased products that artisans in these SHG's have made, and we supply them to  ministries and businesses in the United States. It has been a great way to raise awareness of this creative approach to lifting people out of poverty.  If you are interested in accessing unique crafts, beads, bags and jewelry from Africa, contact us and we will contact you with skilled artisans doing amazing work.  Below are two organizations that have made use of products from African artisans.

Fashion and Compassion:

Seeds of Hope:

Serving in South Africa

Senai is beginning to partner with different organizations in South Africa.  We want to offer resources to help the amazing work they are doing.  We are planning multiple Epic Journeys to South Africa in 2015, and we could use you if you are gifted in business, education, multimedia, IT, medical, technical trades.  Please consider a Senai Epic Journey with your family or business. You can come alongside one of our partner organizations and contribute to the work that is being done in South Africa.

Executive Business Training

Senai wants to connect executives across the globe to grass roots entrepreneurs in Africa.  Be a mentor and/or participate in an executive business training program, where you can share your skills and experience.  Opportunities are available in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Africa.

To request any further information on our projects or how you can get involved, please contact us.