Hein Memorial Page

Words can't capture the grief we have experienced over the past few months.   Our family was on our return trip from the USA, stopping off at Capernwray Hall, England when we got the news that my best friend in South Africa, Hein Reyneke, had died of a heart-attack while on a run.   I can honestly tell you I have never wept so long or so hard in my entire life.  It was so difficult being so far away, and not being alongside his wife Elzette and their two sons Josh and Jayden during that time.  Hein meant the world to me; he was my first contact in South Africa when we were first praying about moving here 5 years ago.  We did everything together. People would joke that he was the South African version of Drew Harding.  When we moved back to South Africa in 2015, he and his wife opened their house to our family as we lived there for 2 1/2 months before finding our own place to rent.  I can honestly say those were some of the best times we spent in South Africa. We lived, breathed, and ate together every day.  

Hein was also a ministry partner,  who headed up our weekly Bible Study (Three-man Coffee), He was a buddy in Christ, and I spent more time with him figuring out life in this foreign land than anyone else.  He was only 40 years old. I still think he is going to sneak up behind me and give me a bear hug!  I can only rest in the comfort that I will see him again in heaven.  His whole life was dedicated to the Kingdom and making disciples.  He leaves behind an amazing wife and two sons ages 11 and 6.  We are committed to helping them, and have had the honor of serving them in this time of loss.  Janna has been incredible, making sure her best friend is cared for at all times; it has been amazing to watch.  I tell you this story because Hein was a huge part of our life and ministry in South Africa, and I ask you to pray that God will fill the void that is now left. We need your prayers for continued strength to serve and pick up where he left off.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!