Yirgacheffe Dairy Business

 Over the course of 60 years, three generations of my family have lived and served in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. My parents and grandparents were missionaries with SIM.  I want to  build on that foundation and start new business ventures in this area of Ethiopia that will help the local community with jobs and education.  We have started a dairy business in partnership with Asfaw Bedecha, a retired pastor who holds an MBA and has a passion for the dairy business.  Our goal is to grow this business to provide milk, butter, and cheese for Southern Ethiopia and even expand our markets in the future.  Many of the profits will be reinvested in the community, providing funding to expand dairy production, as well as funds for retired pastors’ pensions and scholarships for school.  

We currently own six cows, one foreign breed, a Holstein-Friesian dairy cow, and 5 local breeds.  Our plan is to sell the local breeds in the next 2 months, and purchase four or five foreign/crossbred dairy cows suitable for the climate in Yirgacheffe.  

I am so excited to invest in the country where I grew up.  Even though I am an American, I speak Amharic and spent over 20 years living and working in Ethiopia.  I can’t wait to come alongside key Ethiopian leaders and create profitable businesses that will generate wealth and transform the communities in which we work.  

Sponsor a dairy cow - support a pastor

Each cow: $2,500